NOMAD modular data centers

I was the main designer of NOMAD, a brand of modular data center solutions made for the Latin American market. NOMAD offers premium and standard solutions, with prices ranging from $200.000 to $1.100.000. The first prototype was ready in November 2014, whose design was pre-certified TIER III by the Uptime Institute. Check out the promotional video below, the product has been advertised in IT-NOW magazine, Data Center Dynamics, Data Center Summit 2013 and 2015, and more. The official launch of NOMAD was held during four NomadFests in February 2015.


Throughout the design of NOMAD, I had very good advice from many collaborators of Grupo Electrotécnica. And for the construction of the first prototype, the engineers Leonel Mejía and David Morales joined the project and made great contributions.



(NOMAD webpage)(brochure/datasheet)(Data Center Dynamics article)


Grupo Electrotécnica


September 2012 - September 2015


Felipe Hangen

Nomad presentations

Promotional video 2013

Building the first prototypes

First NomadFest in 2015

Container drawing