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Evaluation and optimisation of humanitarian aid

I did my final master project of Warwick Mathsys CDT in partnership with Polymaths Consulting. We proposed data and network based indicators of humanitarian aid coordination at a country scale using open online data. An optimisation algorithm was also created. Our ideas were applied to the Afghanistan humanitarian scenario of 2015. We were able to come up with great new insights of how humanitarian coordination might be improved. The final report is here.

A scientific paper was written and presented in the Data for Policy 2017 conference on 6-7 of September 2017 in London.


Before being able to choose a topic for this project, I did some research and ended up writing this essay and presenting this poster in the Global Ambitions 2016 conference at the University of Birmingham.

July - September 2016


Farooq Khan

Here are some images from the project:

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